Yarilo on Tour

Our tour will include Zurich, Moscow, Sofia, and Tel Aviv. The highlight is the international Festival “Sofia’s Music Weeks,” May 29, 2015. Tickets are sold and are often “sold out,” well in advance for this event.


Zurich, Switzerland, May 19, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH).

ETH is one of the three top-rated technical universities in the world. Its regular series “Music at the ETH” is an integral part of university life. The Rector, Lino Guzzella, is its personal sponsor. Our program is part of the University’s 20th season and it will be presented in the largest venue (430 seats), the Auditorium Maximum.


Moscow, May 21, Russian Federation, Innovation Centre, A. N. Scriabin Museum.

To be invited to present our production in the newly-built Centre for Innovation at Moscow’s Alexander Scriabin Museum with its state-of-the-art multi-media facilities is the greatest honour for any Canadian professional ensemble in a musical world without borders, especially in light of current political problems! Constructed in 2013, the centre’s sole mandate is to keep Scriabin’s ideas alive.


Sofia, Bulgaria, May 29, “Sofia’s Musical Weeks” International Festival.

As Canadian musical ambassadors, an invitation to participate in the International Festival “Sofia Weeks of Music,” and to share the stage with some of Europe’s greatest musicians is a great honour, one that carries considerable responsibility. This long-running festival is the country’s biggest cultural event: for 3 weeks each year every venue in the capital Sofia is booked for the scheduled concerts. Our concert will be recorded and broadcast on Bulgarian National Television.


Tel Aviv, Israel, June 4, Felicia Blumental Music Centre.