Saturday, October 30, 2021 @ 20:00
Annex Theatre, Vancouver

PLEASE NOTE: This event has now been postponed to Saturday, October 30, 2021.

Yarilo’s new upcoming project for Fall 2021—save the date!

A cross-cultural collaboration including Canada’s electronic composer Prof. Keith Hamel (“Touch”), Serbian composer Vera Stanoyevic (“Droplets of Dew”) and Bulgarian composer Gheorghi Arnaoudov with Bulgarian poet Iana Boukova (“Notes of The Phantom Woman”).

From invisible dewdrops, to playing without touching, to the ghostly whispering of the phantom woman, this project traverses Reality and Surreality, challenging the Timelines of Past, Present and Future.

Our special guests are the Bulgarian duo—composer Gheorghi Arnaoudov and poet Iana Boukova with the chamber opera “Notes of The Phantom Woman”, based on the award-winning book of Iana Boukova. This is a newly-commissioned work written especially for Vancouver soprano Heather Pawsey—a monodrama for soprano, prepared piano, sound objects, percussion and pre-recorded sounds.

The music is based on traditions of Chinese “Kunqu” opera and follows the poetic text which presents puzzling and unexpected twists, broken emotional rhythm and brutally honest messages!

The book “Notes of The Phantom Woman” received numerous International awards, including National Poetry Award during the Sofia International Book Fair (2019).

Here is a short excerpt from the text:

Hay un Agujero Negro en el fondo de su piscina. .... Un Agujero Negro!
Ein Schwarzes Loch, a Black hole, Чёрная дыра́...
There’s a story I want to tell in the first person singular:
The one about the Phantom Woman,
The so-called “woman without a face”.
The most persistent serial killer.
Her genetic material was found in dozens
Of crime scenes in Germany, France, Austria,
From 1993 up to 2009.
The police searched for her
All over Europe for sixteen years.
(The solution to the mystery is so disappointing I will not mention it out of delicacy.)
(Disappointed whisperings)