2015 Tour
Yarilo on Tour in Zürich, Moscow, Sofia, and Tel Aviv


“The musical directions I have taken as a composer address very serious contemporary problems: philosophical, religious, moral, the problems of the individual’s spiritual life and their relationship with the world around them; problems of beauty and its relationship to reality.” -Nikolai Korndorf (1947-2001)

Yarilo Contemporary Music Society was founded in honour of the late composer, Nikolai Korndorf. It originated as the piano duo of Jane Hayes and Anna Levy in 2001, and was incorporated as a society in 2011. “Yarilo” was Korndorf’s most famous piano work and it is closely associated with his compositional principals and philosophy. In a bid to keep his memory alive, the society adopted the composer’s vision and values; it strives towards social and artistic balance. Each one of our projects conveys a strong message—moral, historic, social or artistic.

Yarilo’s mission is to explore new ideas in the contemporary repertory and present them in novel ways by involving other disciplines (poetry, multi-media, ballet). With every new production, Yarilo strives for artistic novelty, and to create a unique and memorable event. Our artistic goals embrace the relentless search for the new musical trends of our times; the discovery of masterpieces, new and forgotten, and presenting them in collaboration with Vancouver’s professional music elite.


Anna Levy

A native of Sofia, Bulgaria, Anna completed her Bachelors and Master of Music degrees at the Sofia Academy of Music, and continued her studies in Moscow Conservatory, graduating with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in 1991. She immigrated to Canada in 1995 and has actively continued her performing career as a soloist and a chamber musician championing contemporary music. She brings to her programs knowledge and experience from Eastern Europe, particularly Bulgaria and Russia, presenting unknown or little known works by composers like Schnittke, Raskatov, Kancheli, Korndorf, Arnaoudov, Tsenova, Spassov and many others.

In 2003, Anna formed the Yarilo Music Ensemble to honour the late Russian-Canadian composer Nikolai Korndorf (1947-2001) and to preserve his legacy. In 2002, she released a CD “In Memoriam” with music of Nikolai Korndorf and Alfred Schnittke. Together with fellow musicians she programmed the chamber music of Korndorf for the first time in Vancouver: “Yarilo”, for solo piano and electronics; “Lullaby”, for two pianos and piano trio; and “Triptych” for cello and piano.

In 2015, Anna led the Yarilo Ensemble on its first international tour which featured an original multi-media interpretation of the music of Alexander Scriabin, his Prometheus, Poem of Fire and his Mysterium. The ensemble performed in Zurich, Moscow (Scriabin Museum), Sofia and Tel Aviv.

Anna was also instrumental in issuing the album dedicated to Nikolai Korndorf. With the help of Canada Council and CBC in 2022, a CD, featuring a landmark record in his “Smile of Maude Lewis”, was released by Redshift Records. A work by the late Jocelyn Morlock, dedicated to Korndorf, was also included in the album. The CD made the CBC’s list of top 22 recordings of 2022. Anna was featured and interviewed by Fanfare magazine, Gramophone magazine, Phoenix Classical and WFSU in Florida.

In addition to her performing, Anna is active as a scholar, having published articles in the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, as well as having published interviews with Karlheinz Stockhausen and Sofia Gubaidulina.

In 2011, the Yarilo Ensemble was incorporated into the Yarilo Contemporary Music Society and Anna Levy became the Artistic Director together with fellow pianist Jane Hayes. The society has gone on to commission a number of Canadian composers: Jocelyn Morlock, Kelly-Marie Murphy, Jordan Nobles, John Burke, Colin MacDonald, Michael Conway Baker and Farangis Nurulla-Khoja.

Jane Hayes

Since her debut with the Toronto Symphony, Jane Hayes’ concerts have taken her across Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and Mexico. An active recording artist, she has over 30 CDs available on many prestigious labels including CBC, Centrediscs and Afterday. Jane moved to BC in 1993 to become a faculty member in the newly opened Music Department of Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Her passion for teaching was recognized when she received the 2015 Distinguished Teaching Award in the Faculty of Arts. She established a strong link with Chinese music schools, giving a series of recitals and master classes in 2017 at universities and private music schools. Regrettably, world events have suspended this relationship for the foreseeable future.

In recent years she has appeared on concert stages in every combination from duos to large ensembles, as a soloist with orchestras to chamber collaborator. She has been a partner of esteemed artists such as cellist Harvey Shapiro, violinist Robert Davidovici, and flutists Julius Baker and Bonita Boyd. Two CDs—Sassicaia with clarinetist François Houle and “Four Jays” with Vetta Chamber Players—were recognized with nominations for the Western Canada Music Awards.

As a founding member of Vancouver’s Turning Point Ensemble and the Yarilo Contemporary Music Ensemble, Jane’s passion for contemporary solo and chamber music has been nourished. Bringing to life new works and music that are rarely heard publicly has been and will continue to be an important part of her creative life. She has been featured in Canadian Music Centre concerts featuring the music of Alexina Louie, Barbara Pentland. Stephen Chatman and Ross Alden. Recent recording projects have included commemorative CDs for the late Canadian composers John Burke and Nikolai Korndorf released in 2022. The Korndorf CD was placed on CBC’s Top 22 Recordings of 2022. Touring activities with these groups have recently seen her in Croatia, Serbia, and Spain.

Since leaving her position as music department head at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2020, Jane has been able to focus on recording, performing, and inspiring young performers and audiences to understand the language of music.

Her philosophy—“I believe that we should teach music as a language using the piano as our voice. Know the grammar, know the pronunciation, know and communicate the message; train your ears, train your fingers and arms, train your feet. Give your listener the gift of experiencing a personal connection with sound.”


The guests who have appeared with the ensemble have included Cellists Ariel Barnes and Peggy Lee, Violinists Marc Destrubé and Nancy Dinovo, Percussionists Sal Ferraras, Vern Griffiths and Daniel Tones, Flutist Kathryn Cernauskas, Soprano Heather Pawsey, Clarinetist J0hanna Hauser, and the Pocket Orchestra, under saxophonist and composer Colin MacDonald

Rhapsody in Blue - Re-envisioned - one more successful project with the novel idea of a collage of the most popular pieces by George Gershwin!
The Yarilo Music Ensemble’s concert on May 31, 2008, with guests Marc Destrubé, violin, Heather Pawsey, soprano, and Kathryn Cernauskas, flute.
Board of Directors

2024 – 2025

President: Robert Simons
1012 Alpine Place, Port Moody, BC V3H 3Y5
From March 6, 2016

Vice President: Jack Campbell
1187 East Road, Anmore, BC V3H 5B4
From April 14, 2024

Secretary / Treasurer: Patrick Wong, CPA
1420 Cornell Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3J 2Z9
From July 20, 2014

Director: Dr. L. Berggren, PhD
435 Donald Street, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3Z9
From April 6, 2015

Director: Christine Wong, CPA
63-7488 Mulberry Place, Burnaby, BC V3N 5B4
From April 6, 2015

Director: Valerie Simons
1012 Alpine Place, Port Moody, BC V3H 3Y5
From April 14, 2024

Awards & Works

Commissioned Works

2023 – Jordan Nobles – Prelude, Interlude and Postlude. Premiered November 12, 2023.

2023 – Farangis Nurulla-Khoja – “Rustle of Memory”. Premiered March 12, 2023.

2019 – Kelly-Marie Murphy – “Course Planned, Steps Taken, Outcome Unexpected”; “En El Escuro Es Todo Uno”. Premiered October 12, 2019.

2015 – John Burke – “Ô bel enfant” (AMEN for Claude Vivier); Faradj Karaev – I Remember NiKo (AMEN for Nikolai Korndorf); Gheorghi Arnaudov – “The Gates of Dream” – (AMEN for Russi Tarmakov).

2013 – Michael Conway Baker – “The Phantom of the Dance” for Two Pianos. Premiere November 2013.

2012 – Colin MacDonald – “Firewalk” for Two Pianos. Premiered May 12, 2012.

2010 – Gheorghi Arnaoudov – “Mozart Wrappings”. Premiered May 10, 2010.

2007 – Jocelyn Morlock – “Half-Light and Somnolent Rain” for the Occasion of Nikolai Korndorf’s 60th birthday.

2005 – Roussi Tarmakov – “Candlelight, Red Wine and Hot Chili Peppers” for two pianos and percussion. Premiered December 2, 2005, recorded by the CBC.


2024 – Vancouver City Project Grant

2023 – Vancouver City Theatre Grant

2022 - Canada Council for the Arts - Project Grant

2021 - British Columbia Arts Council - Resilience Supplement

2021 - Canada Council for the Arts - Project Grant

2019 - British Columbia Arts Council

2018 – British Columbia Arts Council and City of Vancouver

2017 – Canada Council Travel Grant; City of Vancouver Project and Theatre Grant

2016 – City of Vancouver

2015 – Vancouver City Theatre Grant, Vancouver City Project Grant; BC Arts council – Project Grant for AMEN “Today” project; Travel Grant for Yarilo European Tour.

2014 – Vancouver City Theatre Grant

2013 – Vancouver City Theatre Grant

2012 – Vancouver City Theatre Grant

2007 – BC Arts Council (Canada/Bulgarian Concert)

2007 – BC Arts Council; Burnaby Arts Council

2006 – Canadian Music Centre’s “New Music in New Places”

2005 – Canadian Music Centre’s “New Music in New Places”