The Scholarship


Yarilo Music is pleased to announce the establishment of a scholarship fund within the society to be awarded to young musicians in advanced music studies.

Many musicians well know, in a world of competing talents, the importance of achieving professional designation is key to establishing themselves as truly distinguished musicians. Obtaining certification at an advanced level is no small feat, demanding in determination, discipline, and a relentless strive towards excellence.

As demanding as the practising regiment is the financial requirements for completing all the exams for advanced certification. With the advanced practical exam itself priced over $600, the year of preparations leading up to certification normally costs thousands of dollars. Further, to pursue post-secondary education in music also require hefty application fees, all of which place additional financial burden on the young musicians and their families.

Yarilo is seeking to help out the young performers ready to make that commitment towards professionalism and excellence, by offering a substantial scholarship of $2000 towards advanced music studies of a young musician, through an open competition.

Event Information

Thursday, May 2nd at 5.30pm, at Tom Lee Music, Coquitlam, 2560 Barnet Hwy.


Fundraising Concerts


2013 Student Helping Students Concert: Students accepting congratulations form our guest MP Andrew Sexton at 2nd Annual Student Scholarship



Shirley Cha and Anna at Students Helping Students 2013 Scholarship Concert



Students Helping Students 2014 Scholarship Concert


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