Hallelujah Junction—A 75th Birthday Tribute to John Adams

Sunday, November 13, 2022 @ 19:30
The Orpheum Annex Theatre, 823 Seymour Street, Vancouver

Music of the classics avant-garde, rarely, or never presented in our city: Satie-Cage-Adams and Vancouver composer Rodney Sharman!

Our program will welcome you with a very special video of a performance of the famous Vexation by Eric Satie, transcribed for celesta. The performance is exactly calculated to continue for 840 seconds (rather than repeated 840 times). Video will project some of Satie’s absurd writings.

Bacchanale, John Cage’s famous piece is next on the program. It will generate unimaginable sounds from a piano, prepared with nuts and bolts! Eruption of kinetic energy!

To continue the line of Eric Satie - John Cage, we will have the North American premiere of a short and charming piece by our own Vancouver composer Rodney Sharman—“Remembering John Cage” for clarinet piano and a toy piano. In this “soft spoken” beautiful piece you can most certainly recognize the sounds of John Cage, reincarnated with the little piano-toy with its toy-like mechanical sound qualities.

The finale—Hallelujah—you can feel the geysers of energy blowing non-stop, a celebration of light.

Performers: Tzenka Dianova, piano; Jane Hayes, piano; Johanna Hawser, clarinet.

Tickets: $35/adults, $19.50/students and seniors, Early Birds - $28.00 (by Oct. 31st)