Sunday, March 12, 2023 @ 19:30
The Orpheum Annex Theatre, 823 Seymour Street, Vancouver
The artwork is not made to decorate apartments, it is an offensive and defensive weapon!


Creativity under oppression is the theme of Yarilo’s recent project. It is our response and protest to the recent events in Ukraine. It includes three works written by composers who experienced war—its horror and absurdity, the social and religious oppression, and above all, the human injustice. And, each one of them describes their memories in music, sharing them with the rest of the world and saying—“STOP”, “Never again”! Hearing these pieces disturbs and unsettles the mind; they will not leave anyone indifferent!

Our program opens with “Introitus” written by the most celebrated living composer Sophia Gubaidulina (born 1931). She wrote this piece in 1977 under Soviet oppression and the persecution of any religious activities. The story started when a friend smuggled back forbidden literature from the West, which included a description of the Proper of the Catholic Mass. The Piano concerto “Introitus” was written “for the drawer”; it was premiered in secret in 1978. It never saw the light of day until recently and it has only been performed in Europe. On March 12th, “Introitus” will have its North American premier performed by Tzenka Dianova.

Giya Kancheli’s “Valse Boston” for piano and strings is the second piece on the program. The effectiveness of his protest is embodied in the musical dynamics of “inhuman” proportions, from pppp to ffff—his music screams! You can “see” the apocalyptical aftermath, images of frozen, deserted spaces, explosive eruptions, convulsive outburst. Especially after the civil wars in his native land, Georgia, and in desperation, he shared: “Again and again we witness…our planet being torn apart by bloodshed and conflicts”. It seems, nothing ever changes…he dedicates the piece: “To my wife with whom I’ve never danced”.

Anna Levy is the pianist for the Canadian premier of “Valse Boston”.

To conclude the program is “Rustle of Memory”, a commission by multiple award-winning Canadian composer Farangis Nurulla-Khoja. She was born in Tajikistan, a country which shares a border with Afghanistan, a region marked by wars, turbulences, and restricted human rights, particularly women’s rights. Her work is a response to what is going on in Afghanistan with the situation for women. “…Since I am from Tajikistan, which is a neighbour country to Afghanistan, I think it would be important for me to make at least a small contribution for this terrible situation. I am already inspired to compose this concerto…There are moments in life when everyone has to become a warrior of some kind.”

All three works on the program will be presented for the first time in Vancouver. “Rustle of Memory” will have its world premiere, performed by Jane Hayes.

Performers: Tzenka Dianova, Anna Levy and Jane Hayes, piano; Leslie Dala, conductor.

Tickets: $35/adults, $19.50/students and seniors, Early Birds - $28.00 (by February 28th)